A little About Blitz Black:

John Deere Blitz Black is a suede/satin black enamel paint manufactured by Valspar. It's manufactured for use on their farm equipment. It's durability, look and low cost (around $25 a gallon) have
become popular with custom car builders and hot rodders to give their car the old "hot rod" look that won't fade away and is very durable to the elements.

This paint can be applied anywhere including high heat areas.

According to John Deere, you CAN paint over John Deere Blitz Black with another coat of Enamel paint.

(I can confirm this as I have painted over my Blitz Black paint job with generic enamel paint when I painted the flames on my car.)

John Deere ( Low Gloss ) Blitz Black Paint is available in 12 Oz. spray cans and quart containers.

Some things you should know -

◊ JDBB is Not for Sale In California, it does not comply with CARB VOC limits


◊ It is not available for sale to Alaska or Hawaii

◊ It has a Lead-free formulations that is user-friendly and environmentally safe

◊ JDBB is Suitable for exterior or interior use

◊ It is a High-quality, long-lasting, color-fast paint for weather-proven performance in field testing

◊ Produces a finish that sets up in minutes, is tack free in a few hours, and dries overnight to a hard, glossy film

◊ Resists fading, cracking, and chipping

◊ May be applied directly to metal, plastic, or wood without using a primer (John Deere primer is recommended for improved corrosion resistance)

JDBB Application Instructions

1. If the existing paint isn't peeling or doesn't have large amounts of rust, then primer is not necessary. Just sand the existing paint with extra fine grit sand paper, wipe it down with a clean cloth and apply the JDBB paint.

2. If you're spraying with an HVLP gun, use a 1.4 or 1.5 tip.

3. If a primer is needed, JDBB primer is recommended - (It's available in spray cans, quarts, and gallons). Wait 36 hours after applying primer to apply paint. Although the John Deere primer is recommeneded it isn't exactly necessary - I used a primer of my choice.

4. John Deere thinner is needed, at a mix ratio of 8 parts JDBB paint:1 part John Deere thinner.

5. For faster-drying and harder paint, John Deere hardener can be used. It's available in pints. When using the hardener, the mix ratio is 8 parts JDBB paint:1 part John Deere thinner:1 part John Deere hardener.

6. Spray one light tack coat, wait 10-15 minutes, then shoot the full wet coat.

7. You should wait no longer than 3 hours to apply a second coat. However, one coat with the 8:1:1 paint-thinner-hardener ratio should be adequate.

*Note that a gallon will easily cover a complete car and although John Deere recommends you using their primer, thinner and their hardner on their paint, it isn't exactly necessary. I used another brand thinner and hardner when I shot my car.*

John Deere Blitz Black Dealer Locator


Below is a picture of my "Blitz Black" 1952 Pontiac Chieftain.

This paint has been on my car for 6 years and has held up very well. I have driven my car over 70,000 miles with this paint on it - Rain, Snow or Shine! And it still looks as it did the day it was sprayed on. I do plan to repaint my car soon though and will update on how the process and project goes!

Possible Gallery?

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You can send your submissions to dave [at]

You may also share your experience with this paint and I'll add a Pro's and Con's tab as well to help others decide if this is they way they want to go.

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